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Tokyo govt to launch dating app to boost birth rate

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Tokyo govt to launch dating app to boost birth rate

The Tokyo government is set to launch its own dating app this summer as part of efforts to boost the country’s plummeting birth rate. The app, which has been in a test run since late last year, will require users to submit documentation proving they are legally single and sign a letter stating their willingness to get married.

Additionally, users will need to provide a tax certificate slip to prove their annual salary, which is a common practice on Japanese dating apps but a new requirement for the Tokyo app.The app aims to help people who want to get married but are not actively looking for a partner.

According to a Tokyo government official, 70 percent of people who want to get married are not actively joining events or apps to look for a partner. The app aims to provide a gentle push for these individuals to find a partner.

The app’s registration process will include an interview to confirm a user’s identity. Many social media users have expressed skepticism over the plans, with some questioning whether the government should be involved in matchmaking with taxpayer funds.

However, others have expressed interest in the app, citing feelings of safety and security.The launch of the app comes as Japan faces growing labour shortages and a declining birth rate.

Last year, the country recorded more than twice as many deaths as new babies, with births falling for the eighth consecutive year to 758,631, a drop of 5.1 percent. The government has promised policies to address these issues, including financial aid for families, easier childcare access, and more parental leave.

Overall, the Tokyo government’s dating app is an innovative approach to addressing the country’s declining birth rate and labour shortages.

While there may be concerns about government involvement in matchmaking, the app has the potential to help people find meaningful relationships and contribute to the country’s demographic challenges.



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