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Lady Orders Olori Naomi’s Dress, Gets Different Style, Causes Laughter: “This is Pure Wickedness”

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Lady Orders Olori Naomi’s Dress, Gets Different Style, Causes Laughter: “This is Pure Wickedness”

A woman recently shared her disappointment after ordering a dress similar to one worn by Queen Naomi but receiving a different style, leading to amusement and criticism.

The original dress, a stunning green and white ensemble worn by Queen Naomi Silekunola, featured a combination of green fabric and white lace that accentuated her figure elegantly.

However, the dress made by the lady’s tailor turned out to be a plain white dress with a design far from the desired look.

Tailor’s Misinterpretation and Public Reaction

The tailor’s interpretation of the requested dress for the woman’s 50th birthday celebration missed the mark, resulting in a comical version that sparked laughter among netizens.

The disparity between the expected and received dress prompted various reactions on social media, with some users humorously criticizing the outcome.

Lessons Learned and Feedback

This incident highlights the importance of clear communication between clients and tailors to avoid misunderstandings in garment creation.

Providing detailed descriptions, references, and possibly even sketches can help ensure that the final product aligns with expectations.

Additionally, constructive feedback and open dialogue between customers and service providers can lead to improved outcomes and customer satisfaction in the future.

@onlyisagha_official: “The problem is you see clothes made by professionals and ask for local tailors to do it.”

@phaithy30bg: “Dem don use N6k beg Kabba tailor to sew Veekee James’ style.”

@lashbymobeautystore: “How much you pay?”

@diekolawlah: “I thought she wore wedding dress until I saw what she ordered.”

@finex_fabrics: “This can’t be classified under what I ordered Vs what I got style o.”

@2luh_mmie_: “Kiki. I am laughing in a way that pleases God.”

@adaraapparel: “This tailor should be arrested. What’s all this?”

@donphanigloballtd: “Pose well nah. It will look like it.”

@littledropsasooke22: “Make I no talk some tailor no go make haven.”

@angelaezaga: “No blame tailor, u no pay well.”

@omojuwura: “Arrest the tailor now.”

@juvicmichael_couture: “This is purely wickedness nau.”




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