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Portable’s Wife Frustrated by Instagram Takedown

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Portable’s Wife Frustrated by Instagram Takedown

Ashabi Simple, the fourth wife of musician Portable (Habeeb Okikiola), is facing online drama. Currently in Qatar, she’s upset about her Instagram account being disabled twice in a week.

Ashabi feels targeted due to her association with Portable. She claims she didn’t violate any platform rules and blames “enemies” for the takedowns.

This follows a public disagreement with Portable about her traveling while pregnant with their sixth child.

Defending her choices, Ashabi (real name Omobolarinwa Akinyanju) points out she’s not the first fourth wife and runs a business online. She wants to be left alone.

However, online reactions are mixed. Some question her involvement with Portable and another pregnancy.

Despite the criticism, Ashabi seems determined to build her life.



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