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“Wumi Toriola Is My Fave”: Singer Adekunle Gold Declares |2024

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“Wumi Toriola Is My Fave”: Singer Adekunle Gold Declares

Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold has expressed his admiration for actress Wumi Toriola, declaring her as his favorite. In a video shared on his Snapchat, Adekunle Gold was seen laughing while watching Toriola’s movie, Wande Taylor, alongside veteran actress Madam Saje.

Adekunle Gold’s disclosure sparked a series of reactions from fans, with many agreeing that Wumi Toriola is a talented actress. One fan commented, “She is good,” while another praised her performance in the movie, saying, “Wumi Toriola dey deliver normal normal.

“Wumi Toriola is known for her roles in various Yoruba movies, such as My Twin 3, Sunday Jatto, and Ija Olufa Part 2. Her acting skills have earned her a loyal fan base, and Adekunle Gold’s endorsement is a testament to her talent and popularity in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Fans react as Adekunle Gold speaks on Wumi Toriola

Adekunle Gold’s disclosure about his admiration for Wumi Toriola sparked a series of interesting comments from netizens. Read some of them below:

kiqqys_collections: “My mama like her movies especially one dat she was going to church steady and always speaking in tongues.”

uvbi4christ: “Saw this yesterday and I was laughing towards the end you say u make mistake you wan go beg you reach you they say everybody learn from each other .”

Littledropsasooke22: “She is good .”

the_pearlsorganicskincare: “very interesting movie i don laugh tire.”

toyonmichelle: “This film ehn .”

abukiano: “Wumi Toriola dey deliver normal normal .”

ollybabymo22: “Wunmi na weyrey y’all need to see this movie fr .”

Parlez_lopez: “@wumitoriola is my own best too.”

wtphilos: “I kuku nor dey stan nonsense .”




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