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Microplastics found in human testicles at high levels, study suggests

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Microplastics found in human testicles at high levels, study suggests |2024

A new study has found that human testicles contain significantly higher levels of microplastics and nanoplastics compared to animal testes and human placentas.

The study, published in the journal Toxicological Sciences, raises concerns about the potential impact of these tiny plastic particles on male fertility and health.

Researchers analyzed preserved testes from deceased men and compared them to dog testes. They found three times more microplastic fragments and a wider variety of plastic types in human samples.

This suggests that humans may be exposed to more plastics than animals, potentially through ingestion, inhalation, or other routes.

The study also compared microplastic levels in testicles to those found in placentas. While placentas contained microplastics, the levels were three times lower than in testicles. This difference may be due to the shorter lifespan of the placenta compared to the testes.

Experts warn that microplastics can disrupt cellular processes and potentially release harmful chemicals. These chemicals may interfere with the human reproductive system, leading to various health problems.

The study also found that younger men had higher levels of microplastics in their testes, suggesting a potential link to peak reproductive years.

The findings highlight the need for further research on the effects of microplastics on human health. The increasing amount of plastic pollution worldwide underscores the urgency of addressing this issue.

The article also offers some tips for reducing plastic exposure in everyday life, such as using reusable containers, avoiding microwaving plastic food containers, and choosing products with appropriate recycling codes.




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