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Nigerian University Promotes 40 Lecturers to Professor

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Nigerian University Promotes 40 Lecturers to Professor

The University of Ilorin has recently made a significant announcement by promoting 40 of its senior academic staff to the position of professor.
This milestone is a testament to the dedication and excellence of these scholars, who have consistently demonstrated outstanding research and teaching skills throughout their careers.
The promotion was approved by the Nigerian Minister of Education, Tahir Mamman, and was announced through the institution’s bulletin on Monday, May 14.
The announcement highlights the remarkable achievements of these academics, who have made significant contributions to their respective fields.
The promotion is not limited to a specific faculty or department; instead, it spans across various major faculties within the institution. The Faculty of Agriculture boasts the largest number of new professors, with 11 scholars elevated to this prestigious position.
UNILORIN Appoints 40 New Professors
Additionally, the Faculty of Clinical Sciences and the Faculty of Communication and Information each have two new professors, while the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Life Sciences have one and four new professors, respectively.
This achievement is not only a recognition of the individual scholars’ hard work but also a reflection of the institution’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to fostering a culture of academic rigor.
The promotion serves as an inspiration to other academics within the institution, encouraging them to strive for similar excellence in their own work.
It is worth noting that the University of Ilorin has also recently taken disciplinary action against nine final-year students who were caught engaging in examination malpractice.
This action is a part of the institution’s efforts to maintain academic integrity and ensure that students adhere to the highest standards of academic conduct.
In conclusion, the promotion of 40 senior academic staff to the position of professor at the University of Ilorin is a significant achievement that highlights the institution’s commitment to excellence and its recognition of outstanding academic performance.


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