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Toke Makinwa Regrets Skin Bleaching in Candid Twitter Confession

Last Updated on May 6, 2024 by Silvy

Toke Makinwa Regrets Skin Bleaching in Candid Twitter Confession

Monday, May 6, 2024

Popular media personality Toke Makinwa, also known as TM, recently engaged with a fan on Twitter about a past decision she would change.

In a tweet, a fan asked Makinwa what she would do differently if she could travel back in time. Makinwa, acknowledging that dwelling on regrets isn’t ideal, admitted she would’ve made a different choice regarding her appearance.

While specifics weren’t mentioned, Makinwa did emphasize it was a “dumb” decision she’s grateful to have moved past, thanks in part to good genes and self-care.

Popular Nigerian personality Toke Makinwa, known as TM to her fans, recently opened up about a past regret on Twitter. In response to a query about what she’d change if given a time machine, Makinwa revealed she would avoid skin bleaching, calling it her “dumbest decision ever.”

Despite acknowledging regrets are a waste of time, Makinwa emphasized her appreciation for good genes and financial resources that now help her maintain healthy skin. The disclosure sparked a conversation on Twitter in Nigeria.

Here’s a glimpse into the online buzz:

  • @cryptobaddie1 questions Makinwa’s vulnerability, suggesting Nigerians might be critical.
  • @naturalboifilmz inquires if Makinwa would reverse a rumored cosmetic procedure.
  • @DiceOfTruth commends Makinwa’s honesty and hopes others learn from it.
  • @FavvyEagle simply says “Too real,” likely resonating with Makinwa’s sentiment.
  • @thatpoetclem appreciates Makinwa raising awareness about the harm skin bleaching can cause to skin and health.
  • @phychem11 asks a question unrelated to Makinwa’s regret, inquiring about another cosmetic procedure.
  • @segunizzy expresses confusion, wondering what prompted Makinwa’s regret if she was previously content.

This exchange highlights the ongoing conversation about beauty standards and skincare practices in Nigeria, with Makinwa’s confession sparking both support and curiosity.



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