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Wofai Fada’s Fairytale Turns Turbulent: In-Laws Disapprove of Union

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Wofai Fada’s Fairytale Turns Turbulent: In-Laws Disapprove of Union

Wofai Fada, a popular Nollywood comedian, was supposed to be celebrating her happily ever after with Taiwo Cole. However, their recent traditional wedding has sparked a family feud, casting a shadow over their joyous occasion.

Love Blossoms, But Family Objects

Wofai announced her engagement to Taiwo on social media, and soon after, videos emerged of their traditional wedding in Ugep, Cross River. However, fans’ congratulations were cut short when Taiwo’s family, the Coles of Victoria Island, released a shocking statement.

The statement, signed by Engr. Kunle Cole, declared the family’s complete disapproval of the union. They claimed they were unaware of the wedding and did not grant permission for it. The Coles even went as far as to disown anyone claiming association with their family through this “purported event.”


Age Difference a Factor?

A leaked phone call, allegedly between Taiwo’s father and a friend, hinted at the reasons behind the disapproval. The father reportedly expressed concerns about an age gap, with Wofai being portrayed as older than Taiwo.

Wofai Stays Silent, Nigerians React

Despite the public drama, Wofai has remained quiet on the matter, choosing to post a loved-up video with Taiwo on her Instagram. This has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media.

Nigerians are divided. Some defend Wofai, emphasizing her age and work ethic. Others believe the Coles have a right to express their disapproval. The situation has even unearthed rumors about a strained relationship between Taiwo’s parents, adding another layer of complexity.

Wofai Fada and Taiwo Cole

The Future Remains Unwritten

Only time will tell how this drama unfolds. Will the love between Wofai and Taiwo weather this storm? Will the Coles reconcile with their son’s choice? Nigerians are watching with bated breath.

Below are some of the reactions that trailed the wedding saga

  • Wofai is not 38 She is 33 and that Uncle right there is nothing close to 30 please. That’s the issue with broken families The father divorced his mom 21 years ago and his mother is fine with it . It’s even wofai I pity , she’s too hardworking and unproblematic for this – @NoHarm_Intended
  • It is irresponsible for the Cole family to have released this statement no matter the situation It is now a monumental embarrassment for all parties involved I wish Wofai the best in this journey ahead I hope their union stands the test of time, trials and tribulations – @McBluetoothCCFR
  • The Cole ‚s family is well within their rights to put out any disclaimer. What would you have done in their position? The age difference aside, Wofai is grown enough to know how these things would play out ! maybe she doesn’t mind though. no Jada – @Ejude44
  • Apparently, Ola Cole’s mum followed him to Wofai’s village for the traditional marriage. His mum and dad divorced 27 years ago. According to the dad, the mum doesn’t even have that right Wahala for Cole family of Victoria Island – @DeborahToluwase
  • Same Taiwo Cole wey no dey allow juniors sleep till 3 in the morning because he wants to be massaged?? With that his smelly shoe ?? same nigga that slaps junior students like he’s the headmaster of the school. Wofai eye go peel ! I will be here insha Allah – @mxtolani
  • Wofai has unfortunately become a collateral damage in what appears to be an ego tussle between the groom’s father and divorced mother. Has nothing to do with her. They’re using the proposed marriage to settle existing grouse. Interesting to see how the young man handles this. – @UnkleAyo


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