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Nearly 44% of Tourists Find Ghana Expensive, Report Reveals

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Nearly 44% of Tourists Find Ghana Expensive, Report Reveals

A recent report on Ghana’s tourism for the year 2023 has unveiled that a significant portion of tourists, nearly 44%, perceive Ghana as an expensive destination. This perspective spans across both local and international visitors, contrasting with those who view the country as affordably priced.

Among the tourists, a subset comprising 7.85% from the US, UK, Nigeria, and within Ghana itself, have classified the nation as very expensive. An additional 36.13% echoed the sentiment of high costs, while 15% considered it less expensive, and 18% did not find it expensive.

The report further sheds light on the financial burdens faced by tourists, attributing the high costs to the plethora of taxes and levies imposed on tourism-related activities. With around 20 different taxes and levies, including NHIL, VAT, GETfund, and a COVID-19 levy, Ghana’s tourism sector is deemed pricier compared to other West African destinations.

Despite this, Ghana has been recognized by Tripadvisor as the most visited country in West Africa. However, the report indicates that tour packages and hotel rates in Ghana are substantially higher than those in neighboring regions.

Particularly, accommodation costs, which account for almost 80% of a tourist’s budget, are steep, especially in facilities that are not star-rated.The Ghana Hotels Association has voiced concerns over the high cost of setting hotel rates, largely due to the extensive range of taxes and levies.

These financial obligations significantly influence the pricing strategies within the hospitality sector.Looking ahead, Ghana has set an ambitious target to attract around two million international tourists by 2024, an increase from the 1.1 million visitors recorded last year.

The year 2023 saw a 25% rise in international tourist arrivals, with the largest visitor groups coming from the US, followed by Ghanaians living abroad, the UK, Nigeria, Germany, and South Africa.

Despite the challenges posed by the perception of high costs, the Ghana Tourism Authority remains optimistic about the country’s appeal as a tourist destination. Ghana boasts over 37 international airlines operating through Kotoka International Airport and offers unique attractions such as forts and castles.

However, the consistent view of Ghana as an expensive destination raises concerns among stakeholders about its potential impact on the growth of tourism




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