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Mary Lincon’s 3 Adorable Daughters Stun in Matching Outfits During Mum’s Party: “Blessed Family”

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Mary Lincon’s 3 Adorable Daughters Stun in Matching Outfits During Mum’s Party: “Blessed Family”

In a touching display of family unity, Mary Lincon’s three daughters captivated attendees with their matching black and white dresses at their mother’s ordination ceremony. The event, which took place on Sunday, May 12, saw the controversial gospel singer ordained as a pastor at the Proposed Priesthood Fellowship Church by Bishop JJ.

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of faithful, including Mary’s parents, and was marked by emotional moments as Mary was visibly moved during the proceedings.During the ordination, Mary was anointed with oil and at one point, overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, fell to the ground as preachers prayed over her.

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After regaining her composure, she addressed the congregation, committing herself to serve the Lord with dedication.The celebration continued at an after-party where Mary’s daughters and other guests, including CS Moses Kuria and philanthropist Karangu Muraya, gathered to celebrate her new pastoral role.

The girls not only looked stunning but also took a moment to address the family and friends, sharing in the joy of their mother’s spiritual journey.Mary took to social media to share moments from the day, expressing her gratitude and reflecting on her family’s journey in faith.

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“My kids there is a God of your mother. We have come from far, and do not ever change from the God I have shown you. Even when I die, you will be left with the God of your mother and the God of Israel. I see you, I see God,” she wrote, encapsulating her deep faith and hopes for her children.

Fans and followers of Mary Lincon were quick to comment on the family’s photos, praising the unity and spiritual foundation she has built for her children. Comments ranged from celebrating the “beautiful family” to recognizing the blessings of raising children in a Godly manner.

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This event not only highlighted Mary Lincon’s transition into a pastoral role but also showcased the strong familial bonds and spiritual legacy she is cultivating with her daughters.

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